Dr Helen Lawal | About Helen

About Helen

I would consider myself a Portfolio GP - this means I have various jobs both clinical and non-clinical. I work as a GP, sexual health doctor and media doctor. I co-presented the Channel 4 series ‘How to Stay Well’ which aired in mid-2017 and have now joined the presenting team of Channel 4’s successful series, ‘Food Unwrapped’.

Whether I am working in the GP surgery, sexual health clinic or on TV, I am driven by an overriding ambition to empower others to make decisions and positive changes about their physical, emotional or sexual health, that are right for them at this stage in their journey and to support them in achieving true wellness. I practice mindfulness, meditation, exercise (#yoga) and nutrition in my personal life and advocate these to my patients as part of a lifestyle medicine approach.

Being a doctor is a great privilege as people reveal some of their most intimate and sensitive thoughts and feelings to me. I’ve been truly moved by the resilience and strength that some patients show, even at the darkest times. My patients have inspired me to practice what I preach and through my blog I hope to delve deeper into health and wellbeing, sharing my learning and experiences with you.