My story

Whilst working as a junior doctor I suffered with stress and poor emotional wellbeing. The long hours, exams and moving away from family for my GP training in London meant that I developed unhealthy lifestyle habits, felt disconnected and turned to food for comfort. It was all work and no rest or play. I felt lonely in one of the busiest cities in the world! I was inactive, low in energy, low in mood and eating lots of stodgy processed foods and sugary snacks.

The turning point for me was being offered botox for my migraines and spinal surgery for a bulging disc in my lower back. I knew deep down that my health problems were symptoms of my unhealthy lifestyle and unhappiness…. Instead, I decided to make lots of small changes to the way I lived including reducing my working hours, moving closer to family to reconnect with loved ones, taking up Yoga and regular exercise, cooking unprocessed foods from scratch at home, adopting mindfulness as an approach to life and daily morning meditation as part of my selfcare routine. I also made some fairly big decisions in my career as the career path I was on was making me unhappy.

Through practicing lifestyle medicine in my personal life and prioritising my physical and mental health for the first time in my life, I was able to create a healthy lifestyle and have a rewarding career that brings me happiness and enables me to live my passion. I now work as a Health and Lifestyle Coach and us what I have learned from my personal health journey alongside my experience as a doctor to help busy men and women reduce their stress, improve their wellbeing and rediscover balance in their lifestyle.

Still working as a GP in the NHS, I am the Lead GP for Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness for OneMedical Group. I believe that to make the NHS sustainable we have to support our patients to be proactive about their health and this means prioritising conversations with them about weight, diet, sleep, stress and physical activity. Let’s practice what we preach and inspire our patients to follow our lead.

Alongside my medical career I have a career as a TV presenter which allows me to spread health and wellbeing messages to a wider audience!

I hope I can inspire you to find your passion, follow your dreams and live your healthiest and happiest life.