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#1 Change Campaign By British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

#1 Change Campaign By British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

I am one of the Regional Directors of The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM). On Saturday 23rd June at The BSLM annual conference in Edinburgh, we launched the #1change campaign!

Change is hard, but it's essential!

With lifestyle the cause of 70% of illnesses, we must change, and we must support others in change.

The BSLM, being an organisation focused on evidence-based realistic interventions, recognises that much of the medical advice dispensed is unachievable by patients.

The "1change" campaign is grounded in the science of behavioural change. New behaviours are more sustainable if they are:

  • Simply described
  • Easily achievable
  • Approached one at a time
  • Have an effective and timely trigger
  • Celebrated to build self-efficacy

So, we are running this #1change campaign to promote a single change to your lifestyle to better your health though positive lifestyle change.

Let's do #1change at a time - for ourselves and to preserve our NHS!

Here is one way: TBC

Trigger - Choose something you commonly do daily e.g. brush teeth
Behaviour - What is it you want to do more of e.g. push-ups
For example, every time you brush your teeth, do 10 push-up.
Celebrate - pat yourself on your back every time you "brush and push" and share your success with your friends.

Maybe try this as a group and chat about goals and what you want to achieve to keep accountable? Or post it to social media? Share and inspire others on social media under #1change

TIP: Start only 1 new behaviour at a time. Once you've been doing it for a month or more, try another. And remember, small changes address big issues!

For more advice on creating healthy new habits, please contact me and follow me on Instagram for inspiration.