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Britain's Best Junior Doctors

Britain's Best Junior Doctors

Tell us about Britain's Best Junior Doctors?
It's a brand new quiz show bringing together teams of Junior doctors in their first year of training from all over the country to battle it out for the title of Britain's Best Juniors Doctors. Through the different rounds the viewer will be taken on a journey through the various parts of the hospital including the waiting room and different specialities and we even involve real patients.

What made you want to be a part of the show?
Junior doctors have had a tough time in the media with the rows over their contracts and with the pressure the NHS is under at present. I think it's about time they received some positive media coverage and Britain's Best Junior Doctors (BBJD) does a great job of showcasing their knowledge and skills whilst showing that they are human too.

This show is different to your usual presenting duties, have you enjoyed doing something different?
It's been great to do something different. On the other TV shows I work on usually I'm the one asking an "expert" questions, where as on BBJD I am the expert! I think I was more nervous than the Junior Doctors! I loved being part of the show because it felt more like my day job than previous TV I've done; I'm on hand to explain the medical jargon and conditions, as well as giving feedback to our junior doctors.

What has it been like working with Jo Brand?
It was an absolute honour and a pleasure working alongside Jo. It was surreal for me, having grown up watching her on the tele to then be alongside her in the tele. She is an absolute sweetheart and a real pro, not to mention hilarious. She had us all in hoots in the studio! She has this remarkable ability to make the most morbid thing funny. We got on really well and had a good energy together- I hope it comes across on screen. I learned so much from working with her - she has so much wisdom.

Was there a lot of competitiveness between the teams?
Yes! The teams were super competitive! Medical school brings your competitive side out. The pass marks at medical school are high and I think this breeds a culture of competitiveness. There were some tense moments in the studio. I think the junior doctors spent the whole show in "fight or flight" mode!

Do you think the show is a good platform to highlight the hard work and the depth of knowledge that Junior Doctor's have today?
I qualified 8 years ago as a doctor and I've been through the same training they have ( in Leeds). I had actually forgotten the breadth and depth of knowledge and the range of skills ( including clinical and communication) that junior doctors are required to have. I was shocked at how brainy they all are despite being at the beginning of their career.They all did an amazing job, it can't be easyanswering questions under pressure like that, although they are use to working under pressure and nothing nothing compares to the stress of being on call with the bleep going off every few minutes! Watching them all made me feel proud to be a doctor and reassured that they are our future GPs and Consultants.

Britain's Best Junior Doctors starts on Monday 25th June on BBC2, every evening at 7pm leading up to the finals on Friday.

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