“Doctors add years to your life. As your Health Coach, I help you add health and wellbeing to those years”




 I work with a small number of clients at any one time so that I can provide them with a high quality, individualised experience. 

If you are unsure if you are suitable or if coaching with me is right for you,

read about my expertise and approach  HERE

All coaching takes places via Zoom, video call.


Healthy Happy Mum: Create the Lifestyle You Want In 90 Days 


Working with me as your coach, you can expect to…

Discover what your vision is for your life

Uncover what’s been stopping you and holding you back from living a healthier life that makes you feel happy

Identify the areas of your life you are dissatisfied with

Receive support and accountability to help you make healthy changes in your chosen areas of your life, which  could include:

Sleep routine

Eating habits


Energy levels

Stress and mindfullness


What do you get for your investment?

 Weekly, 1 hour video coaching sessions with me  for 12 weeks via Zoom

Wheel of Life

Food, sleep and exercise diary

Top 5 priorities activity

Happiness Journal

Sleep hygiene guide

Guided meditations recorded personally by me

And much more…  


Health and Happiness Kickstart  


 In this 90 minutes video call, we will:

 Help you draw attention to one area of your health and lifestyle in need of attention. 

It could be that you want to establish a better sleep routine? 

Perhaps you’d like to be more active but aren’t sure what exercise you should be doing and can’t seem to find motivation and get in a routine?

 Are you feeling stressed and in need of some simple tools to help you cope better? 

Are you sick of eating convenience food on the go and desperate to eat more healthily? 


In your Health and Lifestyle Kickstart 90 Minute Session,

we will explore:  

A powerful vision for your Health and Lifestyle Kickstart, and what it will mean for you and for your life  

Which behaviours and lifestyle habits are bringing your health down…and what to do about it  

Create some short-term goals and initial action steps to kick start you towards the health and lifestyle you want


 What do you get for your investment?

A 90 minute video coaching session with me via zoom

A Health and Happiness  Kickstart action plan for your chosen area

A pack of recommended resources to support you 

15% off the Health Happy Mum in 90 Days programme


£185 for this bespoke stand alone coaching session 

You are the person you want to be  and you have the life you want. Believe you are enough and have enough, know your priorities and clear the clutter so that you can access all that is already waiting for you.




What  my clients think of my services:

The 90 Day Programme 

“I was searching for some help to make changes in my life but was not quite sure what I needed.…coaching with Helen has been life changing. Her passionate, non-judgemental and enlightening sessions have enabled me to re-evaluate  my health and lifestyle. I have emerged stronger and happier. I can not recommend Helen highly enough.”

Farah, 34

First time Mum and Doctor

 The 90 Minute Health and Happiness Kickstart Session

“My experience far exceeded my expectation and if I could, I would see Helen every month. I feel a much happier person who is able to deal with everyday occurrences in a much more calm and positive way. I feel like my emotional bucket has been emptied and I have been given some great tools to help keep it that way…  I would say to anyone that is considering a Health and Lifestyle Kickstart session or health coaching with Helen that they should go for it. Before the session I wondered what we could achieve in 90 mins. The answer is lots! ”

Emma, 40

Working Mum of 2