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Food Diary of a Vegan Chief

By Guest Blogger India Silvani-Jones

Welcome to Food Diaries! I am pleased to welcome India Silvani-Jones as our first Food Diary guest blogger. India is a Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur and founder of The Jungle Kitchen - coming to Leeds in summer 2018! India was a vegetarian for over 20 years before becoming a vegan 3 years ago. Even if you eat meat and dairy she has some great recipes, smoothie ideas and helpful tips on how you can save time in your busy working week when cooking...

Wednesday Breakfast
Homemade Breakfast Cookie
Thursday Breakfast
Green Smoothie in a Bowl
Friday Dinner
Tofu hot dogs with sauerkraut & gherkins
Saturday Breakfast
Porridge with Cherries & Cacao Nibs

Every morning as soon as I wake up I have a pint of filtered water with 1tbsp raw apple cider vinegar in and I take raw fruit & veg capsules with it. Then I do my morning routine - depending on the day, this will be a mixture of coconut oil pulling, positive affirmations, making a to do list and some breathing or meditation exercises. If I'm training, I go to the gym before breakfast - I don't usually eat until 9am earliest, I'm not hungry first thing!

When I make a meal I tend to make a few portions at once and use it a few times throughout the week - so some of it will be repeated. This saves time in the week and it means I get to eat the same yummy food more than once! I usually make a big batch of chopped salad veg, so that I can just chuck it onto the plate easily with fresh leaves each time.

I don't really watch my portions ever, if I'm hungry I eat, and I don't stop myself from eating a bit of chocolate or whatever!

Love India x

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