Online Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Online Health and Lifestyle Coaching

“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” 

Charles Duhigg

I’m a GP and a Health Coach and I help busy men and women over 30 to reduce their stress and improve their wellbeing, so they can create a more balanced and healthy lifestyle that makes them happy.

  • Are you feeling stressed and searching for help to make changes in your life but aren’t sure what you need?
  • Do you struggle to find the time to eat healthily, exercise and get enough sleep?
  • Do you want to find more balance in your life and improve your wellbeing?
  • Do you feel stuck in a routine and want to break the unhealthy habits that are no longer serving you?
  • Are you ready to take more control over your health and lifestyle and feel happier and more confident?
  • Do you want to improve your overall health, but you’re unsure how to do it?
  • Are you sick of fad diets and feeling uncomfortable with your body?

If this resonates with you then you are in the right place!

 I help my clients achieve healthy habit change via coaching rather than diagnosis, treating disease or prescribing medication. I blend my knowledge and experience of working as doctor for 7 years with health coaching skills using  health, diet, sleep, stress and other lifestyle tools to support you towards improving your health and well-being. In this busy world it’s difficult to find time to address the issues that are holding us back, dragging us down and stopping us from living the healthy happy life we deserve. I will teach you how to create space in your life for health and well-being and support you in making healthy living fit within the context of your busy life, rather than it just being another thing on your to do list!

Take the first step towards improving your health and lifestyle with a 1 hour 1:1 Health and Lifestyle Transformation Breakthrough Session

Health and Lifestyle Transformation Breakthrough Session

When you take your first step to becoming the new, healthier and happier you, I will take you through a unique, hour long Health and Lifestyle Discovery Session. In this session you will discover:

  • What’s slowing you down or keeping you from having the wellbeing you want
  • A powerful vision for your Health and Lifestyle Transformation, and what it will mean for you and for your life
  • Which behaviours and lifestyle habits are making you stressed and bringing your health down…and what to do about it
  • A step-by-step plan to create a Health and Lifestyle Transformation in 90 days or less

What happens after the Health and Lifestyle Discovery Session?

You will decide if you feel we are the right fit for one another and whether collaborating over a 12-week period for your Health and Lifestyle Transformation is the best investment for your health at this stage in your journey. For more information on the Health and Lifestyle 12-week Transformation see below.

Health and Lifestyle 12 Week Transformation – Be a Better You in 90 Days

We will work together over a 12-week period, where I individually tailor weekly 1-hour sessios to support you in reducing your stress and improving your wellbeing. Over the course of 12 weeks you will learn to:

  • Manage your stress better
  • Create healthy new lifestyle habits including healthy mindful eating, exercising regularly and sleeping well
  • Turn these healthy habits in to behaviours that last

You’ll feel an improved sense of wellbeing, healthier, happier and more confident. Whatever your health and lifestyle goals are, I will support and stretch you towards making them come to life!

Our 60-minute coaching sessions take place weekly for 12 weeks. These can be done over the phone or online (via Zoom) to suit you. If you are based in Yorkshire, these sessions can take place at OneWellness in Harrogate.

Where will my coaching session take place?

Sessions take place over the phone or online ( via Zoom) so that you can fit the session in to your busy schedule with ease.

If you are based in Yorkshire, these sessions can take place face to face at OneWellness in Harrogate.

OneWellness Harrogate – For directions click here

VISIT  THE ONEWELNESS WEBSITE for more information on what’s on offer. 

*OneWellness is a private wellness centre in Harrogate.  I have a permanent salaried role at the clinic. All payments for health and lifestyle coaching are to be made payable to OneWellness.

All of my clients receive one of these beautiful wellness gift boxes from Mindful Gifting: