How to be an organised eater

It can be challenging finding time during the busy working week to cook and shop. Time is a common perceived obstacle in making healthy food choices and attempting to lose weight. By planning your meals and snacks, this can help give you more control over what you are eating in the week and makes better use of your valuable time.

Meal Planning
Plan your meals for the week ahead – you can do this using a notepad or a meal planner app. I usually plan for 3 meals each week and for snacks and lunch too. I use a combination of recipe books, websites and recipes from magazines to give me inspiration for meals. Buy in all the ingredients you need in one shop to avoid numerous shopping trips during the week.

Prepare Snacks for the week
If you plan and prepare for snacks, when you get peckish in between meal times and have health snack options ready to go you are less likely to default to unhealthy quick- fix snacks. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Why not boil eggs and keep them in the fridge- they make a great on-the-go snack.
  • Chop up vegetables like carrots and cucumber in to sticks and put them into plastic containers in the fridge; make sure you always have some humous or guacamole in the fridge for dips to go with them.
  • Stock up on nuts and always carry some with you as an emergency snack. A handful of unsalted walnuts and cashews make a healthy and filling snack.

Batch cook at the weekend
Batch cooking at the weekend is a great way to save more time during the busy working week. Using your meal plan why not cook 2 of the meals for the week at once? Put some music on, make yourself a nice drink and get the family involved- it doesn’t have to be a chore! Allow the food to cool down and put each dish (for example curry, stew or veggies) in to separate storage containers and pop them in the fridge.

Cook once and eat twice
If you are unable to batch cook then remember each time you cook, prepare double the amount you usually would and keep the rest in the fridge. It’s when we are hungry that we tend to make poor food choices. If you open your fridge and you have healthy food ready-made, tasty left overs and lots of healthy snack choices, it makes it easier to make better food choices and fill up on good stuff.

I’d love to hear from you with any ideas you have found helpful in being an organised eater. Please leave your comments below…


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