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How to Lose Weight Well is back!
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How to Lose Weight Well is back for another series on Channel 4. I am delighted to join Dr Xand van Tulleken and cafe chef Stacie Stewart to front the show. We road test some of the most popular and talked about diets and gi...

Britain's Best Junior Doctors
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Tell us about Britain's Best Junior Doctors?
It's a brand new quiz show bringing together teams of Junior doctors in their first year of training from all over the country to battle it out for the title...

Food Unwrapped Diet Special
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If you missed the Food Unwrapped Diet Special, you can still watch it online http://www.channel4.com/programmes/food-unwrapped/ . This is an episode not to be missed as Jimmy, Kate, Matt and I share surprising food and drink ...

Food Unwrapped Christmas Special
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Tune in on Tuesday 12th December at 8pm on Channel 4 for the Food Unwrapped Christmas Special. What if your stuffing had chocolate in it? What on earth is Tofurkey? Could we have found the world's...

Dr Helen Joins Food Unwrapped as Presenter
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Food Unwrapped is a longstanding series on Channel 4 in which Kate, Jimmy and Matt travel the world to explore the secrets behind our favourite foods. Helen debuts in the Supermarket Special in w...

Dr Helen Represented by Knight Ayton Management
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Knight Ayton Management has an established reputation, built up over 30 years, representing the country's leading broadcasters in factual television: in news and current affairs and across the are...